Students on-campus for the full school day starting from Monday 15 June

On Monday 15 June, KIS students will return to a full school day on-campus. The key indicators are consistent to support a return to a full timetable. We will continue to maintain the timetable that has been used over the last three (3) weeks.

The following guidelines will be in use:

  • ALL students (EL1-G8) will commence school at 8:30 am. Students will be allowed on campus from 8:20 am
  • EL1- EL3 will be DISMISSED at 2:30 pm
  • EL1- G2 students will enter and leave the campus through the Eastern Gate (See map below)
  • G3-G8 students will enter and leave the campus through the Western Gate (See map below)
  • ALL students will continue to enter their classrooms though Entrance 1 , 2 or 3 (this will continue as per the last three weeks)
  • NOTE: The Wednesday schedule is the same as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (See schedule below)
  • Continue to wear a face mask
  • Continue to submit the Self Screening tool
  • Continue to wash hands as often as possible
  • Continue with only drop off and pick up for all families

Blended Learning Update 3 June, 2020

At the Senior Leadership Team meeting this morning it was decided to maintain the Blended Learning model for the week of Monday 8 June to Friday 12 June. This decision was made in light of the recent increase of cases in Kitakyushu area and the increase in numbers in Tokyo. The school is also mindful that Japanese local schools open full time on Monday 15th of June. This will allow the school to monitor the outcome of their return.    

KIS now plans to return to full time classes on campus in Weeks 38 and 39.  

We appreciate that this may impact your decision to return your children to KIS under this model. We fully support your decision.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Re-Entry Guidelines

  • On Friday 22 May at 8:30 am EL1-EL3 will re-enter campus.
  • On Monday 25 May at 8:30 am EL1-G2 will re-enter campus.
  • On Monday 25 May at 12:30 pm G3-G8 will re-enter campus.

Posted Guidelines (subject to change):

We hope these documents help in the smooth Re-entry into KIS.
See you back in school!

Distance Learning Update 18 March – Re Entry to School update

Greetings everyone,

Kyoto Prefecture announces miscellaneous schools (KIS) can plan to re-enter

On Saturday 16 May Kyoto Prefecture announced miscellaneous schools could commence planning for re-entry by students into school. The expectation from local government and the Ministry of Education is that re-entry is undertaken as a phased (different grade levels at a time) approach to support social distancing.

Staff have begun planning to ensure a safe and healthy return to campus. This will include changing classroom structures; adjusting timetables; setting up cleaning zones; and putting safe classroom practices in place.  

Early Years Re-Entry to KIS 22 May

  • On Friday 22 May EL1, EL2, EL3 students will re-enter KIS from 0830-1130. More details will be sent out during the week and posted on the school website. 
  • EL1-EL3 will continue this schedule on Monday 25 May until further notice. 

Grades 1-Grade 2 Re-Entry to KIS 25 May

  • On Monday 25 May G1-G2 will re-enter KIS from 0830-1130. Students will continue this schedule until further notice.

Grades 3-Grade 8 Re-Entry to KIS 25 May

  • On Monday 25 May G3-G8 will re-enter KIS from 1230-1530. Students will continue this schedule until further notice. 


  • Friday 22 May: 0830-1130 EL1-EL3 
  • Monday 25 May: 0830-1130 EL1-G2
  • Monday 25 May: 1230-1530 G3-G8 

This phased return allows KIS to focus on cleaning and social distancing, at the same time as welcoming students back on campus in a safe manner.

KIS will send out a complete guide to the Re-entry to school during the week.

As a staff and community we are extremely excited by the prospect of having students back with us on campus. 

Have a great week,

Distance Learning Success

We have gathered some responses from KIS parents regarding what is working well with distance learning.

Early Learning Program

I am happy with the current arrangement, there are a good variety and amount of activities suggested, and I think the school and the teachers are doing the best they can with the given circumstances. Thank you.

I think the teachers are clearly putting in a lot of time into their lesson planning, activities, and responding to student work.

The morning Zoom lessons are perfect for her. She is looking forward to it and trying very hard. It also helps all of us to start the day on the right track.

Primary Years Program

Appreciate the flexibility afforded to parents. The digital tools work well in most cases.

Distance learning feels safer than holding classes at school. Son seems engaged by class activities and enjoys doing them.

My son is keeping busier than I expected and requiring surprisingly little supervision from me.

My child is very engaged and he is also happy to be connected with his friends online.

I’m impressed by the schedule management. It’s very well-organized.

The clean and specific assignments are great, also the videos are interesting and well done, as well as helpful. The teacher feedback and answers to questions is wonderful.

The teachers are doing an AMAZING job connecting and keeping up with the students via videos, messages, etc.

Middle School

Considering that this is a very new thing for everyone, I think that the teachers and the staff are doing a wonderful job providing lessons and activities for all the students.

Assignments and projects are very well managed. Thank you to all teachers and management for their great effort.

KIS teachers have prepared well to continue educating students through our distance learning platform. Here is a taste of the compiled timelines and educational activities that families and students can be engaged in learning. Additional tools for daily communication included Seesaw, Zoom, G Suite for Education.

Distance learning lessons are organized by grade and contain a combination of low tech and technology-based options across multiple subject areas, including considerations for student physical and mental wellness.

Our goal has been to provide a clear structure for continuing education from home during this extended break.

Distance Learning Update 6 April

Term Three
KIS began Term Three today with a Student Free Day. Staff started  off by thinking about ‘Who do you want to be in COVID-19?’ A well being activity to help us re-frame how we want to remember our experience in these times. Following this were good sessions planning for Distance Learning and beyond. A key focus of planning was the Parent and Student Surveys. Using the information from both surveys to support learning practices was essential. 

Coffee Mornings goes virtual
Starting this Thursday (9 April) KIS will hold a weekly Coffee Morning using Zoom.
The topic this week – Distance Learning Question and Answer

We will record the Coffee Morning for people to catch up on later.  

Thank you to everyone that has paid Term Three tuition. A reminder that today Monday 6 April is the due date for Term Three tuition. If you need to discuss tuition please contact Mr Taylor before Friday 10 April. Students who are not financial as of Monday 13 April will not be able to access SeeSaw or Google for KIS until they have contacted the school. 

Again, thank you to the community for your support. We do hope to be able to provide more educational options to the community as the environment stabilises.

Distance Learning extended to Wednesday 6 May

Continuation of Distance Learning

In the last 24hrs (2 April) circumstances related to COVID-19 have changed in our region, in Japan and within the Japanese Council of International Schools (JCIS). For the safety and health of the students, the families and the staff, KIS will extend Distance Learning to Wednesday 6 May (end of Golden Week). This decision was made following an informed discussion with the Senior Leadership Team and the Board Chair. It is a decision made in light of the increasing spread of COVID-19 within Kyoto City and Prefecture; the extension of closure for Japanese public schools in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Kanagawa; and the extension of most JCIS schools offering Distance Learning until at least May 6.


  • Monday 6 April – Student Free Day – teachers will plan the pathway of learning for this extended Distance Learning (teachers will deliver a pre-recorded morning message that morning)
  • Tuesday 7 April – Distance Learning resumes
  • Wednesday 29 April – Public Holiday (Showa Day) no Distance Learning
  • Monday 4 May – Wednesday 6 May Golden Week no Distance Learning 
  • Thursday 7 May – Re-entry to KIS (if circumstances the students to re-enter that are healthy and safe)
  • Monday 25 May – normal school day (cancelation of KIS festival)


  • Wednesday 22 April – Friday 24 April Hanase Camp G1-G5 
  • Wednesday 22 April – Friday 24 April Discovering Hiroshima  G6-G8
  • Sunday 24 May – KIS Festival

Distance Learning Update 25 March

Welcome to today’s Distance Learning Update. 

Healthy Choices
The weather in Kyoto is extremely pleasant over spring. The temptation is to socialise. Please exercise healthy caution at this time. It is important that everybody continue to practice social distancing practices; continued focus on personal hyigene; and maintain a healthy lifetstyle (good nutrition, water intake, plenty of sleep, sunlight and exercise). Research is suggesting these factors will reduce the risk assocaited with coronavirus

Challenge Day
Mr Boyd and Mr Taylor are extremly excited about the Challenge Day this Friday. We will be sending out the links tomorrow. Parents are ecnouraged to be part of the day. It is a good chance to end this term with a celebration of resilence, creativity and fun.

Travel intentions
This weeks Parent Survey will include a question asking parents to indicate if they are travelling overseas at Spring Break, and if so to where. Once again, these are precautionary measures to maintain the health of the entire community.

Re-entry plans
KIS is developing plans to re-enter school on April 6. Supporting information will be available shortly. Be prepared to take regular temperatures; hygiene procedures; and reduced interactions are some of the areas that will be addressed.

Distance Learning Update 24 March

Greetings everyone and happy Tuesday,

Friday – Challenge Day
Today we started promoting Challenge Day which is this Friday. There will will not be the normal schedule of lessons. Instead students will complete challenges for House Points and post the evidence (photos/videos) on SeeSaw. Mr Boyd and Mr Taylor will live stream during the day, with updates. 

Travel Restrictions
The Japanese Government included USA on the mandatory self quarantine list for Japanese and Non- Japanese travellers returning to Japan. Full details can be found at

KIS will apply these same guidelines for all listed countries, to all families and staff in regards travel both during and outside of spring break (on returning to school April 6).

Re-entry to school
The school in conjunction with JCIS and the Ministry of Education is developing return to school protocols to support the safest and healthiest environment possible. Some things to think about will be daily temperature checks prior to coming to school; restricted access to the campus; increased hygiene procedures; and management of large groups. Full details will be sent out during the week.

Home-School Connect
Don’t forget to reach out to the teachers, this week. They are eager to talk about how your son or daughter is progressing since the beginning of the year. As we can’t hold face-to-face conferences, this is our next best solution.

Have a good evening

Distance Learning Update 23 March

Greetings everyone and welcome to the last week of Term Two. 

This week there are many activities for the community to involve themselves in. KIS hope you all take advantage of these and the great weather.

Literacy Week 
Keep and eye out for the daily updates about Literacy Week. Ms Galina has a created some great experiences to grow through library activities and interactive read a-louds at lunchtime.  

Home-School Connect
Parents, this is the week to connect with teachers and talk about student progress in class since the beginning of Term Two. Make the initial contact through email and then every family can have a ‘virtual’ one-on-one with the teacher (Might be using Google, or Zoom, or Skype, or good old fashioned telephone). 

Challenge Friday
We are putting the final challenges together for our big day on Friday. As this would have been KIS Olympics we have re-modelled the day so students can earn house points in a variety of ways. KIS will also be live streaming during the day giving points updates and showcasing student achievements. 

Japanese Council of International Schools updates
JCIS met on Friday morning and discussed the information from the Thursday night (19 March) news bulletin. 95% of JCIS will return to normal lessons on the 30 March or 6 April. This is consistent with directions from the government.

International Baccalaureate
Today at 5pm the IB cancelled this years IB Diploma Exams, affecting around 200 000 students. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all the students, parents and teachers at this time. 

Departing families
If you are a departing family at the end of Term Two, please complete the sign out forms, return your library books and other other school material you may have. Please contact your teacher, who will also assist you in transitioning from KIS. All other inquires through to 

Remember wash those hands and keep a safe distance.