We are accredited by and affiliated with a range of regional and international educational bodies.

We have been accredited with the ASC WASC since 1992. Our most recent evaluation visit was April 2021.

International Baccalaureate Organisation - International Curriculum

We have been authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation to use the Primary Years Programme since 2006. Our most recent evaluation visit was April 2021.

East Asia Regional Council of Schools

We have been a member of EARCOS for many years. Our Board Chair and Principal regularly attend their annual leadership conference.

World-class Instructional Design and Assessment

KIS is a member of the WIDA International School Consortium, a leading global network of schools focused on educating multilingual learners which uses research-based standards and assessments. Member schools are committed to developing inclusive programs that build on the assets of all learners, while transforming the conversation about what multilingual students can do.

Japan Council of International Schools

We have been a founding member of the JCIS since 1972. JCIS exists to promote, support and sustain quality English medium schools serving the international community in Japan through an educational framework which is international in both style and substance.