Kyoto International School (KIS) offers the IB curriculum framework and programme for Pre-Kindergarten (4~ year olds) up to Grade 10 (~15 year olds).

IB ProgramAge*1KISJapaneseUK
PYP4 to 11Pre-K to Grade 6Yochien to Grade 6Reception to Year 6
MYP12 to 15Grade 7 to 10Junior High 1 to High School 1Year 8 to 11
DP16 to 17NAHigh School 2 & 3Year 12 to 13
Be sure to review our complete Grade Placement Chart for a deeper understanding of grades, age, and where that fits compared to other school systems.

What about the final years? There are a couple different pathway options for the continuum of the IB with the Diploma Programme (DP) for final 2 years.

Kyoto International school currently does not offer an on-campus option for Grade 11 & 12. In March 2022 the IB launched an online Diploma Programme pilot, which delivers a fully online Diploma Programme together with a small number of selected partners.

Our recommened pathway is through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Osaka YMCA International School (OYIS). Here are the key elements that support KIS students education through to Grade 12:

  • KIS students, upon completing the MYP at KIS have priority placement in OYIS.

OYIS will help facilitate the application process in the following ways:

  • The entrance fee will be waived from OYIS
  • Facilitation of the application process
  • Parts of diagnostic testing will be waived
  • Document exchange will be facilitated between the two schools administration teams
  • Admission will be processed early in the academic year to ensure KIS students have a place
  • OYIS will come to the KIS campus two times yearly to support the application process
  • Acceptance to OYIS is dependent on whether or not the needs of the student can be met and is at the discretion of OYIS. OYIS will also seek to find students / families that are knowledgeable and supportive of their school mission.
  • The two schools will provide a range of experiences and events to help with the transition and build connections between two schools.
  • Dedicated time and resources will be deployed to ensure that our curriculum has some continuity and that each institute has an understanding of student levels and past knowledge.
  • Regular meetings and coordination will be required to ensure that students have a smooth transition between campuses.