Application Fee: ¥21,000 (one-time fee, non-refundable)

Registration Fee: ¥150,000 (one-time fee, non-refundable)

Tuition and supplementary fees are charged by arranged installments. Pupils withdrawing mid-semester are not eligible for a refund of tuition or fees.

Tuition and Fees at a Glance 2020-21

Annual FeesEarly & Primary
(EY1 – G5)
Middle School
Tuition (1)¥1,262,000 ¥1,626,000 
Building & Facilities Fees (2)¥181,000 ¥181,000 
Sub total¥1,443,000¥1,807,000
PTA Due (per family) (2)¥3,000
EAL Support Fee (3) ¥100,000
One-Time Fees
Application Fee:     ¥20,000
Registration Fee:   ¥150,000
Emergency Kit Fee:   ¥5,400
Tuition and Fees at a Glance 2020-21
  1. Three payment plans are available
  2. Billed on the first installment and non-refundable.
    The PTA has decided to waive the ¥3,000 fee for the 2020-21 academic year.
  3. Up to ¥100,000 per year. Fees will be billed to students who need EAL support each semester.  The level of support will be determined by the school according to WIDA assessments results.

Tuition Payment Plans

Payment Plans: Three payment plans are available (some restrictions apply). Families should submit their preferred payment arrangements with the office.

Early Payment Option for Tuition & Fees

A discount is applied if payment is received by the due dates.

Early & Primary
(EY1 – G5)
Middle School
Building & Facilities Fees
(billed on the first installment and non-refundable)
One-time installment:
(due June 30, 2020)
¥1,417,760   ¥1,774,480

Standard Payment Option for Tuition & Fees

Payments are made in three installments.

Early & Primary
(EY1 – G5)
Middle School
First installment:
(due July 31, 2020)



Building & Facilities Fees
(billed on the first installment and non-refundable)

Second installment:
(due December 15, 2020)
Third installment:
(due March 15, 2021)

Monthly Payment Option for Tuition & Fees

Payments are spread out over ten installments. An administration surcharge of 3% is included in the second installment to help defray the extra handling and financing costs.

Early & Primary (EY1 – G5)Middle School
First installment:
(due July 31, 2020)



Building & Facilities Fees
(billed on the first installment and non-refundable)

Second installment:
(due August 30, 2020)
8 Equal installments totaling: 
(Payable on the last day of each month September 30, 2020 to April 30, 2021)
¥1,009,600 (¥126,200 monthly)¥1,300,800 (¥162,600 monthly)

All installments are billed 14 days prior to the due date.

Payment Methods

Select your preferred method to view the details. We accept bank transfers or credit card payments for application fees, tuition, and after-school lesson fees. Please note that credit card payments are subject to a service fee of 4%.

Bank Transfer

Within Japan, Remit Payment To: (日本国内からの振込はこちら)

銀行名: 三井住友銀行 (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank) 
支店名:京都支店 (Kyoto Branch) 
口座名:Kyoto International School
口座番号:当座 (Checking Account) 2007073

Overseas Wire Transfer, Remit Payment To:(海外からの振込はこちら) 

Bank Name:The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
Branch:Nishijin Branch
Branch Address:365 Minamitsuji-cho, Senbon-dori, Motoseiganji-agaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Beneficiary’s Name:Kyoto International School
Beneficiary’s Account No.:131-4182735
Beneficiary’s Address:317 Kitatawara-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Beneficiary’s name:Kyoto International School
Credit Card

Credit card payments incur a 4% service fee, which is automatically calculated.

1. Enter the amount in Japanese yen into the ‘amount due’ field.
2. The credit card service fee will be automatically generated.
3. Click “Pay Now”.
4. Your email address along with credit card will should be entered in the popup window.


If you experience any issues, please contact the KIS office for assistance.


Scholarships are available for children of researchers or scholars who are visiting Kyoto for a finite period. Scholarships include a 30% reduction in tuition for students in Early Years 2 to Grade 5 and a 20% reduction in tuition for Middle School students. 100% of all other fees must be paid.

An invitation letter or certificate issued by a host researcher or university showing a period of stay must be submitted as part of the application.

Scholarships are offered for the duration of the period of research or work.

Once the student has been accepted as a KIS student, applicants may submit a scholarship application form with the required documents at least three weeks before the enrollment date.

Tuition Assistance

A limited number of spaces are available for families requiring financial assistance to attend our school.

The type of assistance, if granted, may take one or a combination of the following forms:

  • percentage reduction
  • monthly installments
  • deferred payment

As a general rule, one application covers one family (as opposed to one student) for one academic year.

Families already enrolled at KIS must apply no later than the end of April if they request assistance for the following academic year. The application deadline for new students is six weeks before their enrollment date. The deadline for students enrolling in August or September is May 31.

To apply for the percentage reduction, it is mandatory to submit the applicant’s latest tax declaration certificate (including information of municipal income tax fees) for both parents or legal guardians.

In addition to the application form applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter clearly stating the type of assistance they are seeking.

Incomplete forms will not be approved.

Please contact Admissions for the tuition assistance application form.