We believe that service learning is the process of acquiring, developing and applying new skills in the context of service. The context of service at our school is defined as the act of assistance.

All students are provided opportunities throughout the year to service a different community, be it locally or globally.

Program Aims:

  • function as a member of team
  • communicate with a variety of people
  • learn about the different roles people play
  • learn and apply new skills
  • make choices that have an impact
  • identify areas where we can support
  • model citizenship authentically
  • develop student potential to work as leaders or as a supporter of leadership
  • understand and improve individuals, communities, societies and cultures
  • authentically think about other people

Program Framework

Students are provided opportunities to collaborate with their teachers and the Action and Service Coordinator to design a service learning project. Projects should meet the following criteria.

Authenticity: Where did the idea come from? Does it belong to the learners?

Connection: What connections can be made to our learning expectations, units of inquiry and the project?

Assistance: How are students assisting others during the planning and implementation of the project?

Sustainability: How will this project be sustainable over time?

Collaboration: Who will students need to collaborate with to successfully implement this project?