English learning at KIS Plus - Saturday

We are proud to offer an English immersion program for students between 3 and 12 years-old on Saturdays.

Girl learning the alphabet as a young child.
Learning Phonics

Program Aims

  • to spark an interest in learning English
  • to build and support fluency in speaking & listening
  • to develop presentation skills
  • to use English as a tool to create new friendships
  • to create a foundation for further English learning

Program Overview

Saturdays (9:00 am to 3:00 pm)

Students are placed in their appropriate course according to their age and language level. Age placement follows the Japanese education system’s age placement, which commences from April 1st.

Saturday School Reading Time
Saturday School Reading Time

Program Features

  • English immersion learning
  • experiential, thematic and practical curriculum – variety of learning experiences focusing on real-life themes, language inquiry and use, play, art, PE and more.
  • lesson held in a school building (with access to library, gym, music room & art room)
  • home learning extension – through students and family friendly resources
  • high quality educational resources
  • lunch service 
International Education at Summer Camp in central Kyoto
Learning the differences

Further Information

Application Form

Complete an online application form for Saturday School. Please note there is a waiting list for some class levels.

Program Costs

Our tuition and fees for Saturday School.

Term Dates

View our program schedule.

Saturday School – 360°Virtual Tour

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