KIS is a non-uniform school. However, the school does have a dress code and also a PE uniform. Within the broad parameters of the dress code, the school respects the choice of students and parents. The dress code is intended to ensure that student clothing is practical, safe, and suitable for learning, as follows: 

Students can wear their own choice of clothing to school. Clothes should be clean, appropriate for the weather, and free from inappropriate language, images or symbols.

Students are required to bring two pairs of shoes: one pair for outdoor use, the other for indoor use. Both shoe types should be suitable for PE lessons. Indoor shoes are to be worn inside the school building and in the gym.

If shoes are worn that are not suitable for PE classes (for example on a day when there is no PE lesson in the schedule) the shoes should be of a design that is safe in case of an emergency building evacuation. This means no high heels and all shoes should fit securely around the back of the foot (no ‘flip flops’ or other types of beach sandals).

Hats on sunny days are strongly recommended to help reduce exposure to UV rays. KIS sun hats or baseball hats are ideal for this and are available in all sizes:
KIS Baseball Cap, KIS Sun Hat.

Jewelry – earrings, bracelets etc:
Students can wear jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, if they wish. They are responsible for looking after their jewelry themselves. Watches and jewelry can cause injuries in PE, sports, and active games, so students will be expected to remove them for PE lessons, or other physical activities. 

Hair and Makeup: 

There are no restrictions on hair styles, hair colour or use of makeup. 

KIS PE Uniform 

Students from grade 4 and older are required to wear KIS PE uniform for PE lessons. Students can change for PE in school or they can wear their KIS PE uniform to school in the morning and then change after the lesson into other clothes. 

New families should please purchase these items from the KIS Clothes and Merchandise page, see below. 

KIS Clothes and Merchandise    The school sells a range of high quality, KIS branded clothing. Many students choose to wear KIS clothes to school regularly. Parents and staff also enjoy wearing them, particularly for school events and it also helps to raise KIS brand awareness in and around Kyoto.
Please visit the KIS Clothes and Merchandise page to see the full range of items available and to place orders.