Kyoto International School has a school-wide uniform, not enforced. School clothing can be ordered from Top of the Class School Uniform. The following links have more images, descriptions, pricing, and direct links to order items. All items of school wear must be marked with your child’s full name.


Students can choose what top they wear from the following list. Any of the tops are acceptable, depending on weather. Plain white long sleeved undershirts or heattech are allowed under any top.

  • KIS Short/Long Sleeved Polo Shirt (Navy)
  • KIS Fleece (Navy) with Polo underneath


Students may wear whatever bottoms they like, there are no requirements as long as they are comfortable and do not interfere with the students learning.

PE Uniform

Students from grade 4 and up are required to wear the following for PE, and are required to change after class into an appropriate uniform. Students may wear their KIS PE Uniform to school in the morning. 


All students from are expected to have the following:

  • Indoor shoes (any brand or color is acceptable)
  • Sports shoes (sturdy shoes for PE in the gymnasium, any brand or color is acceptable)

*Please note, the indoor shoes and the sports shoes may be the same shoes, or seperate.


In the warmer months when the sun is strong, all students MUST have a hat to wear during outdoor recesses. KIS hats are also required on field trips or at special events on the school grounds. The following two types of hats are available.


Backpacks, lunch packs, and jackets/coats are not specified KIS school wear items. 

Ordering Guide