Kyoto International School is more than a school. It’s a place where students and staff know each other, a place where students can choose how and what they wish to learn, where education comes to life. I’m proud to call KIS my workplace, but to me, it feels more like home.

Rachel Couture (Teacher)

I have been a KIS parent for 13 years. I value the caring environment, the fun activities, the overall philosophy and, above all, the ability grow for students to grow into open-minded, inquisitive individuals. They can develop confidently in a supportive environment and enjoy learning.

Julian Chapple (Parent)

KIS is a very precious resource in Kyoto City. It is truly an international learning environment: its student body is diverse and multi-lingual, and its curriculum fosters a genuine global-mindedness in its students. From the earliest years, the curriculum nurtures in students key ‘global skills’–such as independent critical thinking, flexibility, tolerance, expressiveness in English–that will be essential for them to thrive in the global economy they will inherit.

Peter Skrivanic (Parent)

At KIS, the child’s individuality comes first. Here, children can be ’round pegs in the square holes’. They do not need to fit in. The rest is made to fit them.

Marion Hebach (Parent)

Our son spent eight years at Kyoto International School from when he was five to twelve years old. In this time, he has never said “I don’t want go to school,” and he was enthusiastic about all of the many opportunities he could experience at KIS.
The KIS community is very welcoming of newcomers, young and old. New families feel supported and are quickly integrated into the community. We’ve often been amazed about how quickly new families adjust to life at KIS. The KIS community is diverse and caring and we have made many wonderful friends here.

Sachie and Matthew Thomas (Parents)

KIS is a community of international families, with friendly and open minded support staff and competent and engaged teachers. KIS is the only place in Kyoto for foreign and Japanese families to enrol their children in a family oriented school with English speaking staff and international mindset. I enjoyed it very much to have the chance to get involved in many activities as a parent. Our daughter was highly motivated to go to school and my family felt very comfortable in the school environment during our whole time in Kyoto.

Ebru Scharf (Parent)

KIS is a wonderful place because it gives children a sense of belonging and community. KIS has strong community values, and wonderful staff, teachers, parents and students. It really transformed my child’s relationship to education… very special – to be treasured…

Larissa Hjorth (Parent)

These past two years in Kyoto and at KIS, together with my two sons and teacher husband, have undoubtedly been the most rewarding and memorable in my life thus far. Working here is brilliant. Seeing my children thrive has been joyful to observe. We can’t wait to come back!

Anna Wilde (Parent and Staff Member)