Distance Learning Update 18 March – Re Entry to School update

Greetings everyone,

Kyoto Prefecture announces miscellaneous schools (KIS) can plan to re-enter

On Saturday 16 May Kyoto Prefecture announced miscellaneous schools could commence planning for re-entry by students into school. The expectation from local government and the Ministry of Education is that re-entry is undertaken as a phased (different grade levels at a time) approach to support social distancing.

Staff have begun planning to ensure a safe and healthy return to campus. This will include changing classroom structures; adjusting timetables; setting up cleaning zones; and putting safe classroom practices in place.  

Early Years Re-Entry to KIS 22 May

  • On Friday 22 May EL1, EL2, EL3 students will re-enter KIS from 0830-1130. More details will be sent out during the week and posted on the school website. 
  • EL1-EL3 will continue this schedule on Monday 25 May until further notice. 

Grades 1-Grade 2 Re-Entry to KIS 25 May

  • On Monday 25 May G1-G2 will re-enter KIS from 0830-1130. Students will continue this schedule until further notice.

Grades 3-Grade 8 Re-Entry to KIS 25 May

  • On Monday 25 May G3-G8 will re-enter KIS from 1230-1530. Students will continue this schedule until further notice. 


  • Friday 22 May: 0830-1130 EL1-EL3 
  • Monday 25 May: 0830-1130 EL1-G2
  • Monday 25 May: 1230-1530 G3-G8 

This phased return allows KIS to focus on cleaning and social distancing, at the same time as welcoming students back on campus in a safe manner.

KIS will send out a complete guide to the Re-entry to school during the week.

As a staff and community we are extremely excited by the prospect of having students back with us on campus. 

Have a great week,