Thank you Muromachi Lions Club

It is with very humble gratitude that KIS would like to thank Muromachi Lions Club for their ongoing support of the school.

Over many years the Muromachi Lions Club has been supporting the school with various activities and always had a presence at the KIS Festival. As recently as this May the Muromachi Lions Club invited KIS to the annual dinner, to be part of the celebrations of all the work the club has undertaken. Two board members attended and reported back on a what a lovely evening was had by all.

In spite of the challenges that the global pandemic has presented, in 2022 the Muromachi Lions Club is donating ¥100,000 to the school. For this magnanimous gesture the entire KIS community thanks the club for their generosity.

The school hopes the next year will again be a time of fruitful cooperation between Muromachi Lions and Kyoto International School.


Update: Horikawa Hospital Project by PTA

Kyoto International School supports local community in Covid-19 fight: Horikawa Hospital Project update

KIS community members, 

Thank you for your generous support of this community project. 

We are pleased to inform you that your PTA handed over more than 600 gowns with messages of support to Horikawa Hospital on May 8th. Horikawa Hospital has received more than 10,000 gowns from all over Japan to date. Though KIS’s involvement in this project is over, you can still support Horikawa Hospital by delivering gowns and masks yourselves directly.

Thank you for your support and stay safe! 

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Horikawa Hospital Project (Update)

Dear KIS community members, 

Thank you always for your generous support to school. 

According to our previous message sent this Tuesday, there is some correction for the instruction of the handmade gown.  The clinic no longer needs the gown itself but its parts, sleeves and extended front parts which is much easier for us to make! 

Here is the video that Horikawa clinic made for sleeves; 

Extended front parts; 

When you get one bag on the picnic tables, it has plastic bags and a roll of tape and you can make 27 sleeves and 16 extended front parts with the materials. We really appreciate it if you would take as many bags as possible.

As mentioned, joining this program now becomes much easier and younger students can also be a part of this and make a good impact on our community! Horikawa clinic has been a place for KIS students to go whenever our children need medical helps for a long time. This is our turn to show our appreciation. 

Again, today (4/30) and tomorrow (5/1), the materials are on the picnic tables in front of KIS office so please come and pick them and make some contributions during the Golden Week break. 

We will also be waiting for the parts returning at school on 5/7 and 5/8 (9am-5pm). At that time, please put a thank you note or a message encouraging them then we will pass all to the clinic in the evening of 5/8. 

Thank you so much for your support in advance! 


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PTA project: supporting Horikawa clinic

Dear KIS,

We hope this message finds you well and healthy in these extraordinary times. While the situation is changing daily, we are currently discussing ways in which the KIS community can get together and exchange their experiences, even if only online. Any suggestions are very welcome, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Today, we are writing to you to ask for your help in supporting the larger community around KIS. Horikawa clinic, which is located near Imadegawa, is struggling due to the lack of equipment, in particular gowns that protect the staff from Corona infection. (see the call for help in Japanese here)

The making handmade medical gown & donation project

KIS and the PTA would like to launch a gown donation project. We call for your help making gowns over the course of next week (Golden Week). 

The materials that you need to make the gowns at your own home are placed as follows; (please take safety measures by wearing masks when you enter the school and come alone if you can)

  • Date: 4/30 (Thursday) & 5/1 (Friday)
  • Time: 9am-5pm 
  • Where: the picnic tables in front of KIS office

What you need to bring back home: 70L plastic bags & duct tapes (nearly 3 bags can make 2 gowns & 1 roll of tape can make 6 gowns)

How to do:

These gowns can be made by anyone from very basic materials, as this video shows

(A video in English, will be distribute later this week)

There is an update to this project.

The materials prepared by PTA are served on a first come first serve basis so even if you do not have time to pick up the materials at school, you can make it by your own with 2 main materials; 70L plastic bags (0.02 mm thinness or more) & duct tapes! You can find the plastic bags in a drug store or hardware shop.

The clinic appreciates very much for your generous donations and your precious time! Moreover, it would be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn how to make a good impact and some contributions to our community.

We would like to collect the finished gowns after Golden Week at the school entrance on May 7th and May 8th and deliver them to the clinic.

We would very much appreciate your support of this project, which we hope can contribute to strengthening our ties with the community around KIS.

Thanks for your help and stay healthy and safe!

With best wishes
the PTA

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