Horikawa Hospital Project (Update)

Dear KIS community members, 

Thank you always for your generous support to school. 

According to our previous message sent this Tuesday, there is some correction for the instruction of the handmade gown.  The clinic no longer needs the gown itself but its parts, sleeves and extended front parts which is much easier for us to make! 

Here is the video that Horikawa clinic made for sleeves;

Extended front parts;

When you get one bag on the picnic tables, it has plastic bags and a roll of tape and you can make 27 sleeves and 16 extended front parts with the materials. We really appreciate it if you would take as many bags as possible.

As mentioned, joining this program now becomes much easier and younger students can also be a part of this and make a good impact on our community! Horikawa clinic has been a place for KIS students to go whenever our children need medical helps for a long time. This is our turn to show our appreciation. 

Again, today (4/30) and tomorrow (5/1), the materials are on the picnic tables in front of KIS office so please come and pick them and make some contributions during the Golden Week break. 

We will also be waiting for the parts returning at school on 5/7 and 5/8 (9am-5pm). At that time, please put a thank you note or a message encouraging them then we will pass all to the clinic in the evening of 5/8. 

Thank you so much for your support in advance! 


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