IB Education Symposium (Online Event)




主 催:文部科学省

協 力:国際バカロレア機構

運 営:文部科学省IB教育推進コンソーシアム事務局

開催日:令和5年3月26(日) 9時30分~ 16時15分

開催方法: オンライン開催(Zoom Webinar)

対 象:国際バカロレア教育に関心を持つ学校、教育委員会、自治体、教育関係者、保護者、生徒等

費 用:参加費無料(〆切 3月24日 17時)

申 込:下記リンクの申込フォームより受付中

The 8th International Baccalaureate Promotion Symposium, sponsored by MEXT, will be held on Sunday, March 26, 2012. The symposium will be online via Zoom Webinar.

The theme of this year’s symposium is “Why is the International Baccalaureate Education Necessary in Japan?

The contents will include keynote speeches, talk sessions (speakers: IB alumni, IB teachers, and university representatives), sharing of IB education practices, and presentations of IB education research results.

Date : 2023 March 26th (SUN) 9:30~16:15

Place : Online (Zoom Webinar)

Subject : Schools, school boards, local authorities, educators, parents, students etc, with an interest in IB education

Fee : Free of charge (Advance registration required)

Apply : Please apply from IB Consortium Website Form

The event will include keynote speeches, talk sessions (speakers: IB alumni, IB teachers and university staff), sharing of IB education practices and presentations of research findings on IB education.

(This event will be held in Japanese)

Please visit the IB Consortium website for further details.

External Event: Spring Camp for English Language

 Spring Camp for English Language

If you are interested in a Spring Camp (not run by KIS) here are the details:

Kyoto Lesson is pleased to announced that they will be having a Spring Camp for their English Curriculum, from 29th March to 2nd April, daily from 10am to 4pm. Please do not hesitate to contact Kyoto Lesson for more details.

Also as a reminder, they will start their weekly English program: Emerging Fluency in April (right after the Spring Camp). The regular price will be jpy 20,000 per month and will offer a special discount for the launch and the fee will be jpy 15,000 for any registration happening before May.

Here is the link to the registration form:

EXTERNAL EVENT: English Drama & Art Program

We are please to inform you that Kyoto Lesson will be offering an English Drama & Art Program this coming Winter Break from 21 December to 8 January (3x 1 week).
You can register to any of the three weeks. Each week will have a different program so you can register your child to more than one week.

The class will be from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 12:30pm at Community Lab N5.5 (GoogleMap)
The school fee is ¥20,000 per week.

Below is a quick outline of a typical day:

  • Warm Up: active repeat after me type of activity: Get to know you, Name Game, Jellyfish, I met a bear, A Ram Sam Sam, Milk Song
  • 1 or 2 activities among: Music, Writing, Art, Games, Challenges, Drama, Reading, Language
  • Relax time / Bring your own toy / book / board game, present it and play time
  • 1 or 2 activities among: Music, Writing, Art, Games, Challenges, Drama, Reading, Language
  • Project time: Newspaper, Manga or Movie
  • Closing activity: String Games, Hangman, Bingo/Ogniv, Memory Game, Murderer Wink, 

For Winter Camp this year, the plan is to have a major theme for each week. The students will learn about something such as weather, or Christmas / new years traditions. These weeks will incorporate small daily activities in art, drama & games and a cumulative activity for the end of the week. 

Week 1:  White Christmas ️ with Ashley & David
Song of the Week: White Christmas
Learning: Extreme Weather- Blizzards and Snowstorms
Stories: Christmas Stories- various
Group Activity: Write your own Christmas Cards

Week 2: The Night Before Christmas with Kris & David
Song of the week: Have A Holly Jolly Christmas
Learning: Christmas around the world
Stories: Christmas Stories- Various
Group Activity: Twas the Night Before Christmas mini-play

Week 3: Feliz Navidad ️ with David & Ashley
Song of the week: Feliz Navidad
Learning: New Year’s traditions
Stories: Christmas / New Years Stories- Various
Group Activity: Make your own Times Square Ball Drop

Kind regards,
Kyoto Lesson

More information on our program