EXTERNAL EVENT: English Drama & Art Program

We are please to inform you that Kyoto Lesson will be offering an English Drama & Art Program this coming Winter Break from 21 December to 8 January (3x 1 week).
You can register to any of the three weeks. Each week will have a different program so you can register your child to more than one week.

The class will be from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 12:30pm at Community Lab N5.5 (GoogleMap)
The school fee is ¥20,000 per week.

Below is a quick outline of a typical day:

  • Warm Up: active repeat after me type of activity: Get to know you, Name Game, Jellyfish, I met a bear, A Ram Sam Sam, Milk Song
  • 1 or 2 activities among: Music, Writing, Art, Games, Challenges, Drama, Reading, Language
  • Relax time / Bring your own toy / book / board game, present it and play time
  • 1 or 2 activities among: Music, Writing, Art, Games, Challenges, Drama, Reading, Language
  • Project time: Newspaper, Manga or Movie
  • Closing activity: String Games, Hangman, Bingo/Ogniv, Memory Game, Murderer Wink, 

For Winter Camp this year, the plan is to have a major theme for each week. The students will learn about something such as weather, or Christmas / new years traditions. These weeks will incorporate small daily activities in art, drama & games and a cumulative activity for the end of the week. 

Week 1:  White Christmas ️ with Ashley & David
Song of the Week: White Christmas
Learning: Extreme Weather- Blizzards and Snowstorms
Stories: Christmas Stories- various
Group Activity: Write your own Christmas Cards

Week 2: The Night Before Christmas with Kris & David
Song of the week: Have A Holly Jolly Christmas
Learning: Christmas around the world
Stories: Christmas Stories- Various
Group Activity: Twas the Night Before Christmas mini-play

Week 3: Feliz Navidad ️ with David & Ashley
Song of the week: Feliz Navidad
Learning: New Year’s traditions
Stories: Christmas / New Years Stories- Various
Group Activity: Make your own Times Square Ball Drop

Kind regards,
Kyoto Lesson

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