Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to COVID-19.

Continuation of Distance Learning

Following on from a meeting with the Japanese Council of International Schools, the Board Chair and the Senior Leadership Team, KIS will continue Distance Learning until 27 March. 

It is the school’s intention to return to face to face lesson on the Monday 6 April. This is reliant on no further government directives or negative changes in the environment. 

This is not a decision we make lightly but it is a decision made with the health of the entire KIS community as a priority.  

Further reinforcing this decision is the recent cases of COVID-19 in a Kyoto daycare centre and the cancelling of all IB workshops in Osaka in March.  

As a school we will continue to try and support the community any way we can. If we can offer alternatives to the school community, we will communicate this immediately. Some opportunities we are looking to provide are more experiences in the Virtual Library; and Parent Teacher Conferences (virtual).

Tomorrow the Week 2 Parent Survey goes out. Please let us know about your experience. 

Distance Learning Update 6 March

Greetings all,

It’s been a great week of experiences and developing skills. The students are learning in news ways and gaining increased agency. Pleasingly there is a level of ‘fun’ evident.

Whilst we have no updates on what the future looks like, we will continue to operate our Distance Learning platform next week.

On Wednesday 11 March, the school will send out the a plan for continuity of learning for the week starting Monday 16 March. Thus allowing the community to better prepare. 

So, it is Distance Learning on Monday 9 March. Check ins starting from 0830am.

Have a good weekend and well done to everyone in the KIS community.



Moving to Distance Learning

The Japanese Prime Minister announced school closures due to COVID-19 on Thursday 27 February.

KIS is open for a normal school day on Monday 2 March as are all other Kyoto Public Schools. On Tuesday 3 March KIS will move to Distance Learning for ALL students, until further notice. 

The school is NOT open for parents, students and or visitors unless previously organised through the Head of School. Stay healthy and safe.  

Postponement of International Day (Friday 14th February)

Dear KIS Community,

Given the increasing impact of the novel coronavirus throughout the region, KIS will postpone International Day (Friday 14th February)

This is not a decision the Senior Leadership Team and Board Chair made lightly and not one made from a position of alarm. This was a decision made from being conservative and ensuring the entire community is taking precautions to prevent any infection.

KIS does hope to reschedule International Day at a time when the entire community can fully enjoy this important event.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Travel Notification 
KIS is asking the support of the entire community to advise the school if anyone in your family has travelled to China since the commencement of Term Two (6 January, 2020). This is, once again, a precautionary measure to help monitor the welfare of all students. 

Thank you for your understanding,







校長 マイケル テイラー

About Novel Coronavirus

About Travel restrictions against the Novel Coronavirus,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japanese government has issued the alert to stop traveling to Hubei Province, China, due to the Novel Coronavirus, therefore please refrain from traveling to Hubei for the time being.

As the infection has spread outside of China, please get the adequate information about your travel destination to prevent the infection in case you travel or return home.

Students returning from the travel restriction area should be aware of the symptoms, especially during the two weeks after returning home.

Please take care of contact with people and, if you have any symptoms, please call the public health center. Be sure to wear a mask when you visit hospital or contact with a person. Tell your doctor your travel history to restriction area and whether you have contact with patients at risk of infection.