Postponement of International Day (Friday 14th February)

Dear KIS Community,

Given the increasing impact of the novel coronavirus throughout the region, KIS will postpone International Day (Friday 14th February)

This is not a decision the Senior Leadership Team and Board Chair made lightly and not one made from a position of alarm. This was a decision made from being conservative and ensuring the entire community is taking precautions to prevent any infection.

KIS does hope to reschedule International Day at a time when the entire community can fully enjoy this important event.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Travel Notification 
KIS is asking the support of the entire community to advise the school if anyone in your family has travelled to China since the commencement of Term Two (6 January, 2020). This is, once again, a precautionary measure to help monitor the welfare of all students. 

Thank you for your understanding,







校長 マイケル テイラー