All Students

  • purchase a school uniform & hat (optional, requested for school trips)
  • sneakers for indoor use (no flip flops or ‘crocs’)
  • sneakers for outdoor use (running shoes)
  • water bottle (with shoulder strap), snack, lunch (daily)

Pre-K / Kindergarten

  • all items listed in ‘All Students
  • two sets of full change of clothes, appropriate for the season, including: top, bottoms, underwear, and socks. 
  • art smock/shirt
  • reusable bag (for carrying projects and crafts to be brought home)

Grade 1-3

  • all items listed in ‘All Students
  • art smock/shirt (optional as some are available)
  • sketchbook (Maruman brand; size 120) for Art

Grade 4-5

Grade 6 and up