Saturday English School Teacher

We are proud to offer an English program for students between 3 and 12 years-old on Saturdays.

Program Aims

  • to spark an interest in learning English
  • to increase fluency in speaking & listening
  • to develop presentation skills
  • to use English as a tool to create new friendships
  • to create a foundation for further English learning

Program Overview

Saturdays (9am to 3pm). See for more details on the program. Examples of varied levels:

  • Early Learning: 3-5 years old
  • Lower Primary: 6-8 years old
  • Upper Primary: 8-12 years old

*Beginner and Advanced classes available.
Most students are placed in their appropriate course according to their age and levels.

Job Key Tasks and Responsibilities


  • work with pre-planned content
  • modification of pre-planned content is welcome as long as it connects to long term plans
  • may need to modify pre-planned content to meet the needs of variety of students, ongoing support will be provided by the principal


  • lead activities for an assigned group of students
  • use suitable materials and resources to support learning engagements, as described in planning
  • provide weekly homework, when relevant and in light of pre-planned content

Assessment & Reporting

  • provide regular feedback about development to principal, students and parents
  • complete formalised reports for individual students, provided by school

Management of Learning Environments

  • develop learning environments based on respect
  • ensure physical layout of learning environments are safe and clean

Student Welfare

  • ensure student safety at all times
  • maintain attendance records, as pre-provided by school
  • supervise students during play and recess breaks

School Community

  • actively participate in school events
  • contribute to whole school responsibilities where needed
  • attend all appropriate meetings and planning sessions
  • communicate with parents only when necessary, always check with principal if in doubt


  • promote the school’s mission, vision and values
  • communicate with others in a professional manner
  • maintain professional relationships with colleagues and parents based around cooperation and mutual support
  • comply with school policies, procedures and expectations