Distance Learning Update 18 March

The Distance Learning groove is well underway. I monitor what’s happening in the classes and not surprisingly students are engaged and and challenged. In this week’s Newsletter (coming out tomorrow – not Friday), I have included more images from the wonderful effort that is being made to make Distance Learning a success, given the circumstances. 

Government discuss reopening schools
The article gives some insight into what Prime Minister Abe may talk about in tomorrow nights address: 

Travel in the spring break
Those of you considering travel during the Spring Break may need to heed the changes (almost daily) to where you can travel and more importantly the implications for when you return:

This news should be considered in conjunction with the Travel Quarantine Q&A that was shared from the Ministry of Health with the community

Home-School Connect
Please reach out to the teachers, next week especially. They are eager to talk about how your son or daughter is progressing since the beginning of the year. As we can’t hold face-to-face conferences, this is our next best solution.

Term Three
Planning is well underway for a return to school for Term Three. The landscape will naturally look different, given the change in health and safety procedures but the school is working on ways to further support the community. Stay tuned.